Mission of the US Pain Network

US Pain Network’s Mission is to provide an effortless connection for those in pain with the best pain management providers nationwide. With over 100 million Americans suffering from chronic pain, there is a significant need for providing individuals with options for help.

Along with helping individuals to find pain clinics for help, the Network has a solid focus on education.


With an online textbook, active pain blog and video channel, US Pain Network understands that the more people know about their pain conditions, the more interactive and successful treatment can be with their pain management doctor.

It was not that long ago patients had to obtain their clinical information first hand from the doctor. Online resources did not really exist with reliable pain management information. By providing reliable up-to-date education, US Pain Network hopes to instill people with knowledge that will help formulate a more active discussion with your pain doctor and better outcomes.Please keep in mind that the content on this website is for educational purposes only, and is not meant to replace your doctor’s advice. Please consult your physician prior to taking any advice learned here.

The Idea

 David Greene
David GreeneFounder & CEO and MD

The idea for the Network started with its founder, David Greene MD. Dr. Greene owned a pain management clinic in Phoenix and found that with his internet marketing efforts, 80% of the clinic’s patients were acquired from the internet.

Through a broad range of internet marketing techniques including blogging, press releases, videos, article writing, an online textbook and more, the clinic websites began to achieve over 10,000 monthly visitors and surpassed 100,000 YouTube views. Dr. Greene writes 400 press releases a year and over 1000 articles a year on pain related topics. He is ranked #15 out of over 470,000 authors on the world’s leading article database – Ezines.com and #1 in the pain management category.

Dr. Greene decided to start the US Pain Network, and bring the techniques from his own clinic to help other pain practices connect with prospective patients. To date, US Pain Network operates with the Florida Pain Network, Arizona Pain Network and California Pain Network. Texas and New Jersey are in the works, and US Pain is always open to working with practices in other states.

Why List Your Practice With US Pain Network?

Over 60% of Americans use the internet to look up health information, and a growing percentage are using the web to find their specialty doctors. This includes pain management. It is no longer the norm for patients to just receive a referral from their primary care doctor for pain management.

When individuals move locations and are receiving pain care, they often turn to the internet for continuity of care. When an insurance change occurs, they may look again for a new practice. Even with individuals who begin to experience sciatica or chronic back pain, many simply look on the internet for a pain clinic to call directly. The mental thought process of how people look to obtain care is changing in America, which makes the US Pain Network a perfect medium for pain clinics to be listed.

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The US Pain Network wishes you well and believes in the words of Julius Caesar – “Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional.”