Going to doctors who lack certification in their field isn’t just stupid; it could prove to be the last mistake you make. Because of the sensitive nature of the human body and just how much can go wrong by making even tiny adjustments, it is crucial that the medical professional working on you actually knows what he or she is doing. Though pain management doctors don’t need the same kind of tests and grades as surgeons, there are still some certifications required to get into the field of pain management. Some are necessary to the job and others simply improve their holder’s status among peers.

Credentialing is offered by several institutions though it must be noted that no credentials from an exam or test like these can stand in for actual board certification. However, anyone seriously considering testing for pain management credentials really should already be a doctor. The American Academy of Pain Management offers a series of tests through which interested applicants can become certified as clinical associates, fellows or full diplomats depending on how much time and effort they want invest. This is a good group and certifications like these are useless unless they come from a respected source.

The American Board of Pain Medicine is another agency offering testing and grading to doctors everywhere. While it’s too late this year to sign up for the exam since it took place on April 6, there is still plenty of time to schedule a seat for the same exam in 2014. This is another honorable agency which is able to boast certifying many great doctors so getting certified by them is certainly a plus. Testing occurs at various PSI centers across the United States and there’s probably one near you too.

When looking to get certified, you must be sure the agency giving your board certs actually reports to a central organization of some kind. There is no shortage of shady companies offering papers to anyone with the money to buy them so you will want to go with some agency which regularly reports to the American Board of Anesthesiology. When you get certification form an agency like this which really every doctor in the USA has something to do with at some point in their lives, you get a real measure of your skill. Intervene MD has the backing of the ABA.