There are millions of individuals in the United States alone suffering from chronic pain. Their conditions differ, as do their causes, but one thing they have in common in trying to find relief. CRPS TreatmentIn the past few years more and more pain manage clinics have been being established to accommodate the increasing need. Although most of the pain management clinics in the United States are located in hospitals, more clinics are popping up in local communities.


This is good news and bad news for chronic pain sufferers. It’s good because they stand a good chance of finding a local facility and bad because with the rise it makes it more difficult to choose the right one. In order to assist those in finding the right one here are some tips:

$ Major and local hospitals usually have a center or an affiliate or partnered one, so you can check into that.
$ one may ask their family doctor for a recommendation.
$ There are many medical schools that will provide pain management or even conduct tests that can provide treatment.
$ One can also use the internet which is a very resourceful place to find pain management clinics. Online directories provide a great deal of information about the facilities as well.
Pain Management Doctors$ An individual can also check with the American Academy of Pain Management, as well as, the American Board of Pain Medicine.

Once you have some potential pain management clinics to choose from, it’s time to dwindle to the best on to suit your needs.

1. Accreditation – it’s important that the clinic has accreditation for recognized organization to enure the finest services and trained professionals.
2. Compassion – since moodiness and irritability are common characteristics with chronic pain sufferers one wants to make sure the staff and professionals are compassionate to their condition.
3. Concerned and Interested – The professionals should work together with the patient and be very informative about their condition, treatments, costs, and other services necessary to provide great care and comfort.
4. Legitimate – legitimate and quality care pain management centers will never set patient’s expectations too high because curing pain completely isn’t a guarantee.

Finding pain management clinics or doctors in your area can be found at US Pain Network, as well as, educational material about conditions and treatments.

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