Migraines present some of the worst pains a person can feel in their head. Some of them come with an awful kind of pounding, throbbing sensation that makes one’s whole brain feel like it might pop. Others bring along such heightened sensitivity to light or sound that the afflicted must hide away in a dark or silent place until the headache has run its course. Getting migraine pain relief is one of the only things those in pain can concentrate on. That is of course if they can concentrate at all, given how bad some migraines can be.

Thankfully there are a host of all natural remedies for migraine pain relief. While none of these can really eliminate migraines and stop them from coming back altogether, that isn’t through any fault of nature; the medical science of today still hasn’t come up with a viable explanation for the cause of migraines. Without knowing what makes them occur, it’s rather difficult to prevent migraines from happening. That’s why flowers like Fever few which are actually high in parthenolide are fantastic. They prove natural, non-addictive pain relief from migraines and other headaches when made into a tea or eaten raw.

Because most headaches are caused by inflammation of thin vessels running through the brain, stopping that from occurring will reduce the overall number of migraines a person suffers. Using supplements or eating the right foods like fish and flax seed will give the consumer plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids which include the “good” HDL cholesterol. By making blood flow easier and less restricted, these ingredients, when taken over an extended period of time, can provide lasting effects akin to taking aspirin on a daily basis, but without any of the problems aspirin presents, such as stomach bleeding.

Dehydration is a common headache culprit too and getting more water throughout the day could actually help a handful of those suffering from migraines to say goodbye to their constant companions. When someone doesn’t get enough water, their blood vessels all constrict, becoming thinner. Even a small shrinking, literally millimeters, will be enough to cause a nasty choking point when one considers how narrow the blood vessels in the brain already are. It is recommended to drink 64 oz of water each day but drinking even twice that amount, or an entire gallon every 24 hours, won’t hurt.