There are so many new treatments available today from pain management doctors. Many people believe that they only hand out narcotic pain relievers but the fact is that they find out what is causing a patient’s pain and make every effort to relieve it so that the patient has an improved active life. Sciatica Pain TreatmentPain specialist undergo specialized education and training in all aspect of pain causing conditions.

Many individuals suffer from Fibromyaliga. This condition is rarely treated by family physicians because they’re unable to figure out a cause of a patient’s pain and will refer them to a pain management clinic.

Another condition that primary care physicians may refer a patient to a pain doctor would pertain to chronic back pain. There are a variety of problems that can cause chronic back pain such as, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and even arthritic conditions in the back.

straight leg raiseThese are just a few examples why a primary care physician may refer a patient to a specialist who understands and knows how to diagnose and treat chronic pain conditions. Any painful chronic condition that isn’t able to be successfully diagnosed or treated by your regular doctor will call for seeing a pain management doctor.

Pain management doctors have their own set of rules that patients will need to abide by. Especially if the specialist is one that provides narcotic pain relieving medications. They will require you to enter into a contract or agreement.

It can be difficult finding the right pain management clinic though, if your regular doctor doesn’t recommend one. You have a few options when looking on your own. Since most chronic pain sufferers have difficulty driving make sure you look close to home. You will want to check their credentials as well. You have the options of talking with friends and family, as well as, co workers.

You can also use an online directory like the US Pain Network, who provides not only a listing of pain management doctors in your area, but an enormous amount of information about chronic pain conditions and treatments to help understand what you’re dealing with.

If you aren’t feeling any relief with your pain, if your doctor isn’t having any success in treating your condition, it’s time to seek expert help, with pain management doctors.

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