Stem Cell Therapy

There Arizona Pain Stem Cell Institute is beginning a new research project involving stem cell injections.

The benefit of the study is that it is industry subsidized, therefore, the cost of the procedures is 40% less than the typical fees charged at most stem cell clinics. The stem cell injection study is a non-randomized, prospective study looking at the effectiveness of stem cell injections into spinal joints for back and neck pain along with shoulder, hip, knee and the sacroiliac joints.

The benefit of a non-randomized study is that all participants will receive the stem cell product. The product is an amniotic derived stem cell rich substance that also has a high concentrate of hyaluronic acid Stem Cell Injection Treatmentand growth factors. Not only is it hypothesized that the stem cell portion of the injection will help repair and regenerate damaged tissue, but the hyaluronic acid and the growth factors may contribute to pain relief and tissue repair as well.

The follow-up time frame for the study is six months and patients must be over the age of 18 to qualify. All of the patient visits and procedures are being performed at the Scottsdale location of Arizona Pain Specialists.

For those patients traveling from out of state, Arizona Pain can assist with travel arrangements which include reduced fees on lodging and land transportation to and from the airport.

The amniotic derived injection material is obtained from consenting donors and process at an FDA regulated lab. The material is cryogenically frozen until the time of injection. Over 10,000 uses of the product have taken place in the US with no adverse events reported today. Anecdotally, the regenerative medicine product has been working great for arthritic joints, tennis elbow, rotator cuff tendonitis and more.

Arizona Pain Specialists has opened the Arizona Pain Stem Cell Institute, which offers research projects for regenerative medicine projects including bone marrow derived stem cells, amniotic derived stem cells and platelet rich plasma therapy.

For those interested in finding out more about the study and potentially being enrolled, call 602-507-6550.