facet joint injectionThere are plenty of questions that you need to ask your doctor for pain management. You need to have a realistic idea of what the results could be. You also need to make sure you fully understand what the treatment plan is going to include. Ask questions about how your plan will be implemented and how it will be critiqued.

This will help you to keep track of what you should do and when you should do it. Keeping a diary of your daily activity and pain level is also useful. Then you can show it to the doctor to discuss if the treatment plan is helping you to see results or not. When there are changes in the plan, you can document if that has coincided with more, the same, or less pain than before.

physical therapy1Any time you are taking medicine for pain, you need to talk to the doctor about it. Ask the doctor for pain management about the dose, how long you will need to take the medicine, and any possible side effects. If you are taking any over the counter products, herbal medicines, or other prescription medications then you need to talk to your doctor about how they may interact with new medicine they are prescribing for you.

If you are on a weight loss plan to help you eliminate the extra weight from the body, talk to your doctor about the best approach for this. Ask questions about the right number of calories, types of foods, and even the types of exercise you can safely do to further reduce calories. They may refer you to a dietician for additional help in these categories.

Any exercises that the doctor gives you to do at home, you need to fully understand. Ask questions about how often you should do them. It is also important that you know the right way to do them. Hopefully, they will have a nurse demonstrate for you or give you a print out. You can also look online for further instructions.

Make a list of questions that come up between appointments so that you have them ready. The next time you see your doctor for pain management you can ask all of them while you have their full attention. Of course if you have important questions that arise about your care or pain, you should call the office right away to discuss it.

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