Interventional pain management is a type of medicine that is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of severe and persistent pain. It includes precise diagnosis techniques and alternative medical treatments. chiropracticTypically, this type of medical treatment is sought out only if prescribed medication cannot reduce the feeling of chronic pain. The main goal of this type of treatment is to prevent the pain signals in the body from reaching the brain, which causes a reduction in the amount of pain felt by a person.

Who Can Receive This Type of Treatment?

This type of medical treatment can be obtained by anyone experiencing chronic or severe pain. It does, however, work best for people with joint or muscle pain in their back, knees, legs, feet, arms, shoulder or hip. Most people do not turn to this type of medicine until they have been unsuccessful with a variety of over-the-counter and prescribed medications. However, you can seek out this type of medical treatment at any time.spinal cord stimulator placement

How Do They Make a Diagnosis?

One of the most important aspects of interventional pain management is the proper diagnosis of the cause for the pain. Doctor will inquire about your medical history and do a thorough examination. They will also run a series of tests, including advanced diagnostic imagery. It is vital that the doctors are able to pinpoint the location of your pain and are certain they have found all of the areas that you pain is coming from. The doctors will use this information to treat the exact locations of the pain source.

Treatment for Pain

Once the doctors know exactly where the chronic pain is stemming from, they can work to treat that specific area. Treatments include pain injections, nerve blocks, electrical stimulation, and pain delivery system implantation. Each of these treatments are used to try to block the pain signals from going through the body and reaching the brain. If the pain signals are successfully stopped, then the feeling of pain in the body is diminished or eliminated.

This type of alternative medicine can be very effective if the exact location of the pain source can be identified. Since these doctors specialize in interventional pain management, they are usually very good at reading the test results to identify the source. In order to maintain relief from chronic pain, it is possible that these treatments, like injections and nerve blocks, will need to be administered on a regular basis. Usually, people with chronic pain welcome these injections, as long as they work to reduce their pain effectively.US Pain Network