Caudal Epidural for SciaticaThe use of pain management medication may be necessary to help you feel your best. Of course the medicine won’t solve the problem so it should be balanced with other measures that can reduce pain. There are times though when a thorough treatment plan should include medicines. Over the counter products can help to reduce pain and to reduce inflammation. For mild to moderate pain, this may be sufficient. It is important to follow the dosing directions on the labels.

When over the counter pain medicine isn’t enough though, it may be necessary for prescription medicines to be administered. This often includes opiates that are very strong painkillers. They should only be used for a short period of time though. For example, after a trauma has occurred or when the chronic pain is very severe.

Hopefully, as other methods of treatment start to work, the dosage of these painkillers can be tapered off. A person shouldn’t stop taking them suddenly as that could trigger withdrawal symptoms. It is very important to tell your doctor if you have had any dependency problems with drugs or alcohol as this could make a person more prone to developing an addition to painkiller meds. The problem with these meds is that the longer you useDisc Herniation3 them, the more the body resists them. Over time, you have to take a higher and higher dose than before to get the same benefits.

Never take any pain management medication that hasn’t been specifically prescribed for you by your doctor. Typically, they will start you out at the lowest possible dose. From there, it may have to be increased. The goal is to offer you the most benefit from the medicine with the least amount of side effects.

Other medicines that may be used include muscle relaxers. They can be very useful for those that can’t get comfortable or sleep due to the pain. However, they can cause a person to feel very disoriented and drowsy. You shouldn’t operate a vehicle or any machinery until you know how they will affect you.

Avoid the use of alcohol or illegal drugs when you take pain management medication. Some individuals experience an allergy to medicine so you need to watch out for this when you take a new medicine. Itching, swelling of the face, changes in heart rate, or changes in vision are all reasons to seek immediate medical attention.

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