If you’re suffering from some nasty back pain or other chronic aches then you don’t want just any medical professional to check you out – you’re probably looking for the best pain doctors you can find, people who have been tested and proven their skill in dealing with malaise in the past. While you could be in trouble if you just select random hospitals or clinics and try working up from the bottom, if you begin at the top and seek a referral through the schools famous for educating great pain specialists, your journey should be both short and fruitful.

At New York University (NYU), the Langone Medical Center is teaching the students of today how to be the doctors of tomorrow. There is even a center for the study and treatment of pain; these people eat, sleep, live and breathe pain. This is one of the best places to go to learn about how to deal with your own pain or to get educated on how to help others handle this constant problem. There is no doubt that if you start your search for the best pain doctors here, you won’t need to go very far.

Texas Tech also seems to be a highly popular school for those going into pain management. It has some excellent intervention therapy programs as well as great doctors giving lectures year in and out. This is another good spot to start your search for the best pain doctors and if you happen to be in the southern United States then it would be a much better place to begin than NYU. If you know what you’re looking for then the people working at Texas Tech can help you to locate it, at least as far as pain management goes.

Another great school for finding leads on the best pain doctors is UCLA, or the University of Los Angeles, California. Being the biggest school in the state with the highest population in the United States puts UCLA in a unique position to get the best of everything, including candidates looking to become pain doctors. This is definitely the place to begin your search if you happen to live on the western seaboard, though people from all over the world have been known to travel to California for treatment they can get at UCLA and nowhere else.